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In IAF Service series
WC01-Spitfire MK.IX in IAF service
  • " The photos and images are clearly printed on glossy paper in a very organized book. To realize that this many historical photos remain from the early days when the Israeli Air Force flew spitfires is very thrilling for history buffs. If you have an interest in the Israeli Air Force and the spitfires it used or just in the IAF or spitfires in general......you will find this book quite an interesting read and the photos will make you smile....what a treasure trove of photos." by Steve Bamford-aircraft resource center ( www.aircraftresourcecenter.com)

  • " A 'got to have' title for any-one who likes the Spitfire or the IAF. Rating 10/10. " by Richard A.Franks-Model Airoplane International, August 2006

  • " This book is a about as close as many of us will ever get to having primary source material on this topic. I'm a big fan of modeling IDF/AF subjects, and this book will be very popular among modelers and enthusiasts with similar interests. I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest of the series." by Billy Crisler -Aerospace Modeler Magazine , Summer 2006

  • " This is a comprehensive tribute to a World War Two warrior which found itself fighting yet more battles in the nascent Israel." by Ken Ellis-Fly Past Magazine, September 2006
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